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Address: NO.99 North Rode Education
0f Xinji City, Hebei,China
Tel: +86-311-83323666 83323777 83323888 83272899 83399999
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Hebei Feitian Petrochemical Industry Group Co.,Ltd., with a total registered capital of 85.18 million yuan, was founded in 1999. The company covers a total area of 500 mu and building area of 30,000 square meters. It is located at 99 Education Road, Xinji City, Hebei Province. It’s north of State Road 307 Xinji and Shi Huang Expressway, south of SHI De Line, 70 kilometers away from Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, very convenient transportation.  The company mainly engaged in pharmaceutical grade Vaseline , high-grade white oil , lubricating oil, base oil , production and sales of environmentally friendly low aromatic solvent oil, petrochemical products . The company has over 200 employees , of whom more than 80 are college graduates . Its two subsidiaries, Hebei Lanlian Petrochemical Co., and Baotou Kunlun Petrochemical Co., Ltd. are the State Food and Drug Administration approved enterprises with production of medical Vaseline sentinel with import and export rights. The annual sales of Vaseline account for more than 60% of the national total, and the exports account for over 90% of the country.

 To promote the upgrading of products , go -scale , gentrification , clean , fine path of development , our company take advantage of China's chemical Fushun Petrochemical Research Institute of Petroleum latest technology , using the petroleum products processing industry 's most advanced high-pressure hydrogenation process modification The total investment is not l0 million yuan to build an annual output of more than 40 tons of special oil hydroupgrading integrated projects , is a 100,000 tons / year of refined hydrotreated isodewaxing supplement joint production plant was in July 2103 completed and commissioned , the main products: high-grade white oil, environmentally friendly low aromatic solvent oil , Ⅱ / Ⅲ class standard lube base oil , Vaseline , etc. All products are domestic high-grade products. Production of high-grade white oil, can be widely used in cosmetics , food additives , synthetic oil , plastic filler , technology products , heat transfer oil and other industries.
 We will continue our efforts , stronger, bigger companies , the company became the leading specialty petrochemicals, fine chemicals, pharmaceutical chemical production of high-tech integrated enterprise.

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Tel: +86-311-83323666 83323777 83323888 83272899 83399999 Fax: +86-311-83323999
Address: The NO.99 North Rode Education 0f Xinji City, Hebei Province,China Copyright: Hebei Flying Petrochemical Group Co., Ltd.